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Protecting Hertfordshire's

Green Belt

In February 2015 the chair person responsible for each of the parish councils in
North Hertfordshire signed an open letter stating their opposition to the draft local
plan prepared by NHDC.


In 2009 the document Hertfordshire Guide to Growth produced by the Centre for Sustainable Communities at the University of Hertfordshire and the Chancellor, Lord Salisbury, observed:

‘In recent years, much of Hertfordshire’s growth has been piecemeal, occurring without a greater master planning strategy. In most cases, growth occurs on opportunity sites identified by local authorities or “found” by private developers.’

The draft Local Plan proposes numerous instances of Green Belt development with the only justification being in paragraph 2.7 which states: ‘The levels of growth required in North

Hertfordshire and lack of suitable brownfield sites or sites within settlement areas mean that it is not possible to accommodate all the identified housing and employment needs in sustainable locations outside of the Green Belt.

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