With the new Conservative government coming into power it is important to consider what they plan to do about building on Green Belt land and so how this will affect our protected countryside.


According to the Conservative’s Manifesto, page 57, they want to protect ‘Britain’s green and pleasant land’. They care about defending our ancient heritage and keeping Britain green. They state they will guard our countryside including Green Belt land, Areas of Outstanding Beauty and National Parks. Only time will tell if the Tory party led by David Cameron will adhere to the promises they have made.


The Government’s National Planning Policy Framework appears to want to continue to protect Green Belt land across Britain, however this is going to become increasingly more difficult with the need and want for new homes and developments to promote economic growth. The Government Planning Inspectors are pushing for local authorities to build on Green Belt land to meet targets for housing demand. CPRE have been researching into the plans for urbanisation of Green Belt land and their findings are destructive. Their findings state that as time is ticking more and more homes are being planned to be built on Green Belt land. These decisions need to be challenged and our precious Green Belt land protected.


It is hoped that Brownfield sites (disused industrial or commercial land) shall be re-developed and built on prior to developers trying to gain rights to build on Green Belt. However developers are trying to argue that it is more costly for them to use these Brownfield sites due to their condition and being poorly connected. London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has ruled out building on Green Belt land until 2025 maintaining that there are sufficient Brownfield sites to develop to try and ease the housing crisis in our capital. In February 2015, a target of 400,000 new homes were needed in London by 2025. Green Belt land in London, 22%, needs to remain green land to try and curb urban sprawl into neighbouring villages and towns. With people campaigning for a review of the Green Belt rules to be undertaken to try and ease building restrictions it is important that we keep ‘saying no’ – please refer to the campaign page on our website.

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