Just say NO!

To development on our Green Belt in North Hertfordshire and to save our countryside and wildlife

Just say


The North Herts District Council is consulting the Public with regard to their proposed Local Plan. The Comet has featured a number of letters from various Councillors, the CPRE, Friends of the Forster Country and more recently the Letchworth Garden City Society against the proposals, due to their impact on the Green Belt. To date not one letter has been printed by the Comet in favour of the proposals, which sadly appear as a wilful and unpopular attack on the Green Belt by the very Council that is elected to protect it.


We of course require many additional homes if not for those residents boosting the local economy by working in the area, but for those that travel within the Golden Triangle of London, Cambridge and Oxford every day. Most people have varying views about the exact number of new homes proposed. We will only know for sure that we got it wrong, if we build too many


The NHDC whilst submitting their plans for sites to build 14,200 homes for Public comment are not, in any way, expecting to be bound by any Public approval or open criticism of their plans. They infer that National Government require them to make this provision. Sadly their proposals lack the very imagination that has made Hertfordshire an absolute icon of intelligent urbanisation worldwide as Hertfordshire is blessed with the first Garden Cities, Letchworth and Welwyn and the first New Town, Stevenage. Why are we forsaking these proven concepts with the Local Plan of 2015, frustrating the residents and ratepayers of North Herts, when a New Town or Garden City would attract State Aid?


Today the proposals are to trash the Green Belt across 96 sites in North Herts. The NHDC have created their own Green Belt Review in October 2014 stating the strategic relevance of the Green Belt with many of the areas destined for development identified strongly and even the villages expressly mentioned in their existing Policy No 5 now ignored.


The Green Belt concept was designed to stop the coalescence of Towns and Villages with other Towns so that we do not end up with a STITCHIN and a STECHWORTH. The North Herts District Council is apparently aware of up to 3 locations under its control where a new Town or Garden City can be sited and has so far chosen not to make the Public aware why these options have been ignored. Given that one of the sites in question is on grade one agricultural land and would potentially provide for up to 25,000 dwellings, why are we ignoring this option?


The NHDC need to clearly understand that there is strong public opinion against their Planning proposals. As a Tory dominated Council they are acting against the very policy views of central Government.


We are providing the opportunity for Parish Councils to collaborate against these proposals and the residents of Hertfordshire to just say No! .

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